Grand Translation was founded on the principle of putting the needs of our customers first. Many of the translation firms we looked at had hidden prices and complicated processes. As a result, we have streamlined everything from first contact to continuing assistance for our customers.

The ordering process is simple and quick, and our pricing is easy to grasp. If you have any queries or concerns concerning translations, please don't hesitate to contact our helpful customer support staff.

Our customers are multinational corporations operating in a variety of different countries throughout the world. To ensure that our customers get the finest possible service, we are always prepared to go above and beyond their expectations. As a result of our efforts, we are now the preferred language service partner for hundreds of B2B customers throughout the globe, and we retain 90% of our clients long after the first contract has ended.


• We work with native speakers who have experience in legal translations.
• We can translate any type of document, from contracts and patents to regulations, litigations, and court cases.
• Our translators are here to walk you through every step of the procedure.
• Confidentiality is assured.
• Our prices are affordable and our turnaround time is prompt.
• Document translation, proofreading, desktop publishing, localization, and more are just some of the translation services we provide.
• All of the documents we translate are just as binding in law as the originals because of how carefully we work.




Our goal is to deliver the most budget-saving and efficient online document translation services possible. We achieve that by offering one of the most affordable and the best-quality translation services in the market.


Professional Team

Grand Translation employs more than 10 in-house linguists who can offer high quaintly of translation work. All linguists need to have a minimum of 5 years of working as full-time translators. In fact, the average years of experience of our in-house translator team are 7 years.

High Quality

Grand Translation delivers high-quality work, translated by skilled translators. We offer the service that the customer can use the document worldwide. We understand this and guarantee that all deadlines are reached to ensure overall quality.


  • Offers translation service for various types of document
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal
  • Emphasize on high-quality, correctness, and punctuation
  • Reasonable price


  • All documents treated with care
  • All works and documents are kept safety
  • Able to enter a Non-Disclosure Agreement

1. Does your translation certified?

Answer: Our translation works are certified and bear the signature of the authorized person of the Company, which can be used in most embassies and government agencies.

2. How much do you charge?

Answer: Depending on the nature of the document, number of words, style, and pages. You can send us the document for a free quote.

3. What are the accepted payment methods?

Answer: Bank transfer, PayPal, Line Pay, Facebook Pay, Credit Card

4. Will the Translation be kept confidential?

Answer: Yes, as a professional document translation company for years, we ensure that your confidential materials remain confidential during and after the document translation process.

5. How can we send you the document for a free quote?

Answer: You can send an email to or send a copy via Line messenger: @GDMT