To begin, let's get some definitions out of the way right away.

The process of converting text from one language into another in such a way that the meaning is comparable across both languages is referred to as "translation."

While localization is different…

When modifying a product or service for use in a different nation or region, the process known as "localization" is a more in-depth one that takes into account cultural and non-textual aspects in addition to linguistic concerns.

Now, transcreation is much different…

"Transcreation" refers to the process of re-engineering your brand promise in order to make it resonate on an emotional level with consumers in a different country's market.

What are we looking for in translation?

When a material is translated, it is transferred from the source text into the target language while maintaining its consistency and accuracy throughout the process. Even while sentence patterns and syntax are, of course, changed, it is essential that the translator maintains the integrity of the material that was originally written. The majority of the text that is translated is technical documentation, such as publications, manuals, compliance paperwork, and other such items. In certain circumstances — think of information and instructions of use for medicine, for example — the appropriate word choice might be of paramount significance.

Providing translation from one language to another as a primary service

The purpose of the project is to present information on technical specifications, guidelines, or regulatory requirements.

Only a few idioms and "marketing content" were used.

What is localization?

There is more to it than simple translation. To this end, localization may be thought of as a process that begins with translation and then goes deeper to handle communication elements such as local idioms and cultural allusions as well as technical communication difficulties such as text length, measurement units, date formats, and page sizes. Back-end problems, such as SEO and social media, must also be taken into account when localizing your website for a new market.

Grand Translation offers a wide range of translation and localization solutions, from documents to websites.

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Grand Translation has a team of translators from all over the world, providing you with numerous language translation services. All our translators are native speakers of the target languages having over 5 years of experience as professional translators and subject-matter experts.

Our goal is to deliver the most budget-saving and efficient online document translation services possible. We achieve that by offering one of the most affordable and the best-quality translation services in the market.


Professional Team

Grand Translation employs more than 10 in-house linguists who can offer high quaintly of translation work. All linguists need to have a minimum of 5 years of working as full-time translators. In fact, the average years of experience of our in-house translator team are 7 years.

High Quality

Grand Translation delivers high-quality work, translated by skilled translators. We offer the service that the customer can use the document worldwide. We understand this and guarantee that all deadlines are reached to ensure overall quality.


  • Offers translation service for various types of document
  • Customer satisfaction is our goal
  • Emphasize on high-quality, correctness, and punctuation
  • Reasonable price


  • All documents treated with care
  • All works and documents are kept safety
  • Able to enter a Non-Disclosure Agreement



1. Does your translation certified?

Answer: Our translation works are certified and bear the signature of the authorized person of the Company, which can be used in most embassies and government agencies.

2. How much do you charge?

Answer: Depending on the nature of the document, number of words, style, and pages. You can send us the document for a free quote.

3. What are the accepted payment methods?

Answer: Bank transfer, PayPal, Line Pay, Facebook Pay, Credit Card

4. Will the Translation be kept confidential?

Answer: Yes, as a professional document translation company for years, we ensure that your confidential materials remain confidential during and after the document translation process.

5. How can we send you the document for a free quote?

Answer: You can send an email to or send a copy via Line messenger: @GDMT