Since it is used in the legal system, legal translating requires a high level of expertise. It requires fluency in both the original and target languages as well as an in-depth understanding of legal jargon. Both businesses and individuals may need the services of a translation agency at some time.

What types of documents do we translate?

Legal documents

• Business and employment agreements and contracts
• Transactional documents
• Insurance claims
• Patents and patent applications
• Regulatory documents
• Bills and legislation
• Court cases and administration documents
• Litigation
• Legal analyses
• Intellectual and industrial property
• Service-level agreements (SLAs)
• Opinions
• Regulations
• Amendments
• Court Transcripts
• Terms of Use
• Privacy Policy
• Tender documents (RFPs, RFIs, RFQs) and proposals

• We work with native speakers who have experience in legal translations.
• We can translate any type of document, from contracts and patents to regulations, litigations, and court cases.
• Our translators are here to walk you through every step of the procedure.
• Confidentiality is assured.
• Our prices are affordable and our turnaround time is prompt.
• Document translation, proofreading, desktop publishing, localization, and more are just some of the translation services we provide.
• All of the documents we translate are just as binding in law as the originals because of how carefully we work.