Do you need a certified or official translation for immigration, legal, academic, professional, or financial application?

When we talk about "official translation," we're referring to certified translations of legal documents including birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce certificates, wills, and permission forms. Certification of accuracy is often included with an official translation, noting that the translator proved competency in both languages. These certified translation services are one of the professional translation services that Grand Translation offers.

When submitting a document produced in a non-official language to support an official application, an official translation is usually required by the receiving country or embassy. Given the complexity of certain criteria, this may be difficult to understand.

Grand Translation is familiar with the needs of all relevant agencies and always has expert translators on hand to assist. Our linguists have years of expertise interpreting legal papers back and forth between Thai and English as well as other languages. Our certified translations come with a stamp, the translator's signature of our company.

Legalized translation service – certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

A certified translation may be requested by Thai or foreign authorities. The Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) adds their own seal of approval to a certified translation to make it "legalized". The complete procedure of obtaining a certified translation in Thailand may be handled by our staff.

• We work with native speakers who have experience in legal translations.
• We can translate any type of document, from contracts and patents to regulations, litigations, and court cases.
• Our translators are here to walk you through every step of the procedure.
• Confidentiality is assured.
• Our prices are affordable and our turnaround time is prompt.
• Document translation, proofreading, desktop publishing, localization, and more are just some of the translation services we provide.
• All of the documents we translate are just as binding in law as the originals because of how carefully we work.