A Thai Police Clearance is a certificate certifying that you do not have any criminal history in Thailand, provided by the Royal Thai Police. The certification or clearance is meant to ensure that the individual will not disrupt public safety or violate any laws while working. The Special Branch of the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok is the agency responsible for issuing the Thai Police Clearance Certificate.

We have extensive expertise expediting Thai Police Certificates and are happy to help you with this important step. Grand Translation offers and provides police clearance services and help Thais and foreigners already living in Thailand and overseas to ensure a fast and hassle-free procedure for obtaining a Thai Police Clearance certificate.

Who can request for Thai Police Clearance Certificate

✔ Thai citizen
✔ Those who are currently on short-stay visas
✔ Those who used to stay in Thailand on short-stay visas
✔ Those who are currently in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa or extension of stay
✔ Those who used to stay in Thailand on a non-immigrant visa or extension of stay
Why choose us

✔ You present is not required when requesting the Thai Police Clearance Certificate
✔ The service takes around 7-10 business days to complete.
✔ We also offer legalization services with the Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chaeng Wattana Road, and authentication with foreign embassies.

Remark: If you have a criminal record, please inform us prior to proceeding. In this case, a longer time may be required, and additional charges will be collected for proceeding as appropriate.

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